... the most unique candle you will ever enjoy ...


about iice candle...

iice candle came into existence through the development of a cosmetic water proofing agent which is a clear, natural, plant derived wax. The wax was originally meant for the skin care industry, but (as we quickly found out) the new wax was in fact, the ONLY clear wax ever developed.

This discovery lead the developer, Jon Dean to obtain a world wide patent for the clear wax. The wax, which is a unique plant wax is now revolutionizing the candle industry. It has proven to be a cutting edge, amazing candle never seen before!


•  each 12 ounce iice candle burns for 40 hours

•  each 28 ounce iice candle burns for 60 hours


•  iice candle is the ONLY clear wax in the world

•  it's the cleanest burning wax tested by an independent lab

•  virtually non-sooting, no black smoke

•  visually looks like burning ice crystals

•  excellent fragrance throw in the home

•  renewable natural plant wax derived

•  each iice candle is handcrafted & unique


iice candles are available in 12 oz. & 28 oz.